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Past Simple - Irregular verbs list - 6th year

Lista de verbos irregulares com tradução em Português! Clica e imprime... ;)

Past Simple - scribd explanation - 6th year

Past Simple - Grammar

Simple Past

O que estudar para o teste de inglês de maio?

Tal como prometido, aqui vai:

1- Texto com perguntas de interpretação;
2 - Past simple - verbo to be; there to be; regulares e irregulares;
3- Composição sobre um destes temas:
A.    Where were you last weekend? Describe the place where you were. 


B.    Write a short composition about a famous person you admire:  a footballer, a singer, a scientist, a writer, an athlete, an actor…

Mencionar : 
who he/she is was; 
when and where he/she was born; 
when and where he/she lived;
if he/she is alive; 
what he/she did; 
what he/she is doing now;
why you admire him/her

Past Simple - video - 6th year

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past simple - online exercises - 6th year

To practise was/were.

three easy exercises for practising the simple past tense of both regular and irregular verbs

Several easy exercises to practise the use of Past simple tense of both regular and irregular verbs

3 exercises (Past Simple/irregular verbs)

This exercise consits of 50 verbs and ss are required to determine whether the verb requires -ED or a special form.

3 exercises, plenty of sentences, past simple.

three exercises to practise past simple tense of both regular and irregular verbs.

Past simple with regular verbs.

2 exercises irregular verbs only. Put the verbs into Past Simple. Correct the mistakes rewriting the sentences.

3 exercises on past simple regular.Only affirmative.

past simple - online exercises

A reading and comprehension activities about J. K. Rowling-the famous author of "Harry Potter" Books.

A very complete way to practice past simple in affirmative sentences.

Students will learn the past forms of the verbs via digital story. After they´ve watched the video, they will do exercises.

A nice song to practice the Past Simple.

Ss read about Lionel Messi´s life after completing with the correct verbs in PAST SIMPLE. Then, they answer questions,match and work on a wordsearch.

A very nice song to practise past simple and present simple.

Students fill in a crossword with the past simple of the verbs given, using the pictures as clues. Then they complete a text with the same verb tense.

It´s an easy activity to practise the past simple.

A worksheet to review the past simple affirmative.

Read, put the verbs in the right form and choose the correct answer, complete IRREGULAR VERBS LIST and answer the questions! 

Two short biographies (Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo) to practice past simple (regular and irregular verbs).

Past simple - exercises - 6th year

 (worksheet 1)

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